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It is my belief that we are meant to be happy and accomplished, and that we are perfect within. “So why,” you may reasonably ask, “am I not feeling that way? Why do I feel angry, hopeless, fearful, lonely?”

To deal with life’s challenges, we all instinctively picked up any tools we could find to help us cope. These tools may have included behaviours like confrontation or withdrawal, beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, attitudes like “duty comes first”, and thought patterns like “I have to be vigilant”, all accompanied by a distinct emotional charge. And since these tools served their purpose at the time, we kept using them.

Some questions to consider now are whether the tools you are using today are still serving you and whether there are better ways to deal with life’s events and circumstances. In my practice, the therapeutic process often starts from areas that are not working as well as they could for you today. Then, I help you bring awareness to the “tools” you usually rely on and help you release what is no longer useful, and guide you to discover within you a better way to deal with life’s challenges.

What to expect in a session

In my practice, I am guided by my training as a psychotherapist, by the wisdom of eastern introspective traditions, by modern research and insights into the mind-body connection, by my life experience and by my intuition. My style is open, welcoming and compassionate, creating a setting in which you can feel safe to explore the issues that are concerning you.

The range of issues brought up in sessions reflects the spectrum of human struggles, including self-confidence, family and relationship difficulties, anxiety, anger and also finding meaning and a lot more joy in life. My past experience in the corporate world has been helpful in dealing with clients’ workplace challenges, career direction and transitions.

Appointments are currently available online only, via secure video.
Please call or email for an appointment.

Regular sessions are 50 minutes in duration and the regular fee is $130.00 ($115.05+HST).